Energy Healing. Distance Energy Healing. Shiatsu. Thai Massage. Custom Treatment. 

My name is Ralf. I have eighteen years of professional experience offering different healing therapies, and I have completed over a decade of significant educational training. I live in the tranquil countryside beside lake Siljan in Sweden, with my lovely wife and two precious children. I hold a holistic view of the oneness of person, world and universe. Since each individual is unique, I customize treatments to you, here and now. My aim is to facilitate alignment. Most importantly, I am grateful to be in contact with a wonderful healing energy.

In Energy Healing and Distance Energy Healing I work with the energies around and within the body, and I don’t need to touch the physical body.

In Custom Treatment, Thai Massage and Shiatsu I work both on and around the physical body.

I feel inspired by Deepak Chopra. In an easily accessible way he describes how we are all energy and live in a world of abundance. This permeates all his teachings and is described clearly in his book The Seven Spiritual laws of Success. You can listen to this book on Spotify where it is called Creating Abundance – 21 day meditation challenge.

Welcome! With light. Namaste.


Jag pratar flytande svenska, engelska och nederländska, men min hemsida är till största delen skriven på engelska. Om Du inte kan läsa den engelska texten, men är nyfiken på mina behandlingar, är du välkommen att höra av Dig med frågor. 

Om man är anställd av Rättviks kommun har man rätt till friskvårdsbidrag om man tar massage regelbundet. De olika massage behandlingar jag erbjuder är: Custom Treatment (’specifikt anpassad behandling’), Shiatsu (’Japansk massage’ ), samt thaimassage. Läs mer utförligt om detta under fliken ‘Contact & Cost’